I'm trying to extract text from an image but pytesseract is giving a totally different output, the image attached below output is "Werle" (complete different word and characters), I tried many different processing methods like image enhancement, rgb2gray, rgb2binary, still didn't work. What confuses me that the text in the image is very clear and straightforward. I also tried to change the notebook from google colab to my local notebook and checked the library version, but same incorrect result.

enter image description here

output >> "Werle"

here's my code:-

ret,frame = cap.read()
crop_img = frame[320:400,430:840]
text = pt.image_to_string(crop_img)

note 1: this problem happens with other images with the same style but different word

note 2: I tried this in my local machine which uses win10 OS and Google Colab


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