I need to create a summarized report showing how many containers are being imported by each company. This report needs to be generated on monthly basis. The company names are entered in a way that there is often some difference in spelling. For example: 'Farooq Steels' can came in following variants:

farooq steel casting farooq steel industries farooq steel industries near darbar saeen, mali FS Casting

Is there any way to classify each above as 'Farooq Steels' so that I can show the total imports grouped by company name. What I can do is that I can tell user, first month, that they label each company name and later with the help of these labels the algorithm can guess if a new spelling occurs, which label it belongs to?

If algorithm is unable to guess, it will highlight it so that I will tell user to label it. In this way the system will keep learning and its guess will continue improving.


Note: I am using R language and RMarkdown to generate the report


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