Is it possible through AI,Computer vision & Machine learning technologies by giving details of the Stamp after inputting the Stamps images?

Input : Stamp images in .gif,.jpg,.tiff format.

Output :

Stamp country origin :

Stamp value with currency :

Stamp category :

Stamp description :


Detecting data on a stamp image is no easy tasks, they are designed to be at least complicated to fake and have a large variation. Problems are:

  • Not all data will be available on the stamp;
  • It might be in multiple languages (so you would need a multi-alphabet OCR algorithm);
  • Cities on the world might have the same name;
  • Currency might not be indicated.

If you have a dataset with all possible stamps, that reduces to a image registration problem which can be solved with classical computer vision (no machine learning). ML can do it too, just using the same architectures used for facial recognition that accepts new registries.


It depends on the stamp. If the stamps contain all the information you say you need then it'll work. But as the stamps shown in your link you will need a large amount of data for your model to generalize well. In my experience stamps convey the information quite differently therefore for your model to do well you will need a complex model from scratch as most pre-trained models haven't been trained on stamps. Therefore new weights will be required.


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