This is a question my friend in mechanical engineering asked me. However, I am not an expert in computer vision/image processing, so I come here to seek help.


The following are two frames of a video, which records the positions of a 3D printer arm (the vertical bright curve). enter image description here

enter image description here


The objective is to track the positions of the arm and do some computation based on this. I know there are basically two steps to do tracking

  • Step 1: identify the object in each frame of the video and draw a bounding box around the object.
  • Step 2: measure the relative position difference of bounding boxes of two consecutive frames.


The difficulty here is objective detection. More specifically,

  • If I try to use model-based approach. It is not easy to model the shape of the curve since it is deformable.
  • If I try to use some object detection package (deep learning-based approach). I am not sure which package supports the tracking of a curve like this.

Could someone help me on this. Thank you in advance.


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