I created a classifier by trained SVM and PCA as well as normalization transformation. And use Request/Response Excel to test.enter image description here And if I only input for one row, all the PCA would be "0" enter image description here but if I put more than one row together then the result would change and both behavior doesn't make sense. enter image description here I read some other questions below and I wonder if something wrong in "Normalization" calculating that it didn't count by referring "Applying transformation" but simply normalizing by data input.



  • $\begingroup$ It is because of the "random raises" that start the process. $\endgroup$ – Márcio Mocellin Nov 13 '20 at 19:24
  • $\begingroup$ @MárcioMocellin Would you mind explaining more on "random raises"? Thx! $\endgroup$ – Michael C.H. Wang Nov 16 '20 at 2:22

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