import numpy as np 


I'm getting Index Error when I tried to run this code.
Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

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There are two ways to correct this

  1. you passed three lists to np.array, and there are not all same size

demo_matrix = np.array(([13,35,74,48],[23,37,37,38],[73,39,93,39]))

#demo_matrix (list of lists)
array([[13, 35, 74, 48],
       [23, 37, 37, 38],
       [73, 39, 93, 39]])

you used 35.74, I guess it might be typing mistake

  1. If you think you are passing list values correctly use below code


if passed lists have different sizes then output array will be array of lists

array([list([13, 35.74, 48]), list([23, 37, 37, 38]),
       list([73, 39, 93, 39])], dtype=object)
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