In connection with the persian speech to text project on github, I am trying to collect the database from the audio and text available on the ganjoor site and Youtube Persian videos with Persian subtitles (also, Maybe compare to others database via internet like this)

But since I am new to this fields, your help can be very It worked.

If it is possible, please help in how to properly save the audio and text by suggesting proper format for saving data and pre filtering for better sorting data like said here. (Any python sample codes, would be very helpful.)

Project github site (Forked):


Ganjoor scraper page (text and audio collection):


Question related ( Ganjoor scraper codes):




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You may want to consider using Persian songs which have the lyrics (i.e. متن) readily available as well. There are also Islamic eulogies, known as noheh (نوحه), which are essentially poems recited somewhat similar to songs and sometimes include the written poem (i.e. نسخه).

Some examples: https://bit.ly/2FRnI0g https://bit.ly/3mKpj8W


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