I have a Python Pandas dataframe with a column named "codes". This column is very messy and contains the following values:

codes                       output
1234A, C (1AAA1), D, E      1234A 1234C 1234D 1234E
34240 & 1 & 3               34240 34241 34243
PS1A;D;E                    PS1A PS1D PS1E
CE11A, C & 2452D            CE11A CD11C 2352D
EOPSDCE11A, C & 2452D       EOPSDCE11A EOPSDCD11C 2352D

Basically, what we need is to complete the single letter/number (i.e. C) with the full code excluding the last char (i.e. 1234 in the first line), remove the phrase in the parenthesis, keep the code if it's a full code (length between 2-10), and use space as delimiter.

I have tried to use str.replace but was not able to manage to write the regex correctly.

Thanks for the help in advance!

  • $\begingroup$ Can you elaborate more? The explanation is a bit short. Can you give more examples? $\endgroup$ – Shahriyar Mammadli Nov 17 '20 at 10:12

Would something like the following work?

import re
from typing import List

import pandas as pd

df = pd.DataFrame(
        "codes": [
            "1234A, C (1AAA1), D, E",
            "34240 & 1 & 3",
            "CE11A, C & 2452D",
            "EOPSDCE11A, C & 2452D",

def complete_codes(codes: List) -> List:
    line_code = codes[0][0:-1]
    res = []
    for code in codes:
        if len(code) < 2:
            res.append(line_code + code)
    return res

def clean_up(text: str) -> str:
    text = re.sub(r"\(.*\)", "", text)  # Remove parenthesis
    multi_split = re.split(r",|;|&", text)  # Split text
    multi_split = [item.strip() for item in multi_split]
    codes = complete_codes(multi_split)
    res = " ".join(codes)
    return res

df["output"] = df.codes.apply(clean_up)

Which outputs:

                    codes                       output
0  1234A, C (1AAA1), D, E      1234A 1234C 1234D 1234E
1           34240 & 1 & 3            34240 34241 34243
2                PS1A;D;E               PS1A PS1D PS1E
3        CE11A, C & 2452D            CE11A CE11C 2452D
4   EOPSDCE11A, C & 2452D  EOPSDCE11A EOPSDCE11C 2452D

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