I am using GridSearchCV to tune hyperparameters of regression decision tree. When I do, I get mean_test_score but I thought it would return mean MSE since it is a regressor. how to interpret mean_test_score? Is there a way to tweak GridSearchCV so it returns mean MSE?

here is my code

tree_reg = GridSearchCV(DecisionTreeRegressor(criterion="mse"), {
}, cv=5, return_train_score=False)

tree_reg.fit(X, y)

>>> params                   split0_test_score  .... mean_test_score
   {"min_samples_leaf":2,        0.998782             0.9989933

   {"min_samples_leaf":2,        0.998823             0.998930

what does mean_test_score mean?


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By default, GridSearchCV uses the score method of its estimator; see the last paragraph of the scoring parameter on the docs:

If None, the estimator’s score method is used.

And DecisionTreeRegressor.score (indeed, all/most regressors) uses R^2.

In response to your edit: you can specify scoring='neg_mean_squared_error'. But note too that there's a linear relationship between MSE and R^2, so optimizing either of these are equivalent.


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