In my recent studies over Machine Learning NLP tasks I found this very nice tutorial teaching how to build your first text classifier:


The point is that I always believed that you have to choose between using Bag-of-Words or WordEmbeddings or TF-IDF, but in this tutorial the author uses Bag-of-Words (CountVectorizer) and then uses TF-IDF over the features generated by Bag-of-Words.

text_clf = Pipeline([('vect', CountVectorizer()),
...                      ('tfidf', TfidfTransformer()),
...                      ('clf', MultinomialNB()),
... ])

Is that a valid technique? Why would I do it?


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This is the standard TF-IDF feature extraction: you transform the document counts. It just looks odd to separate the two steps like this. sklearn provides both TfidfTransformer and TfidfVectorizer; note the documentation of the latter:

Equivalent to CountVectorizer followed by TfidfTransformer.


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