I could not find anywhere how I can do this seemingly simple task (Retrieving column names in R was not helpful).

I have an R table defined as sports_by_sex <- table(ais$sex, ais$sport). This is using DAAG's ais dataset. If I want to get the name of the sport at sports_by_sex[, 2], how would I do that? When I print(sports_by_sex), this is my result:

    B_Ball Field Gym Netball Row Swim T_400m T_Sprnt Tennis W_Polo
  f     13     7   4      23  22    9     11       4      7      0
  m     12    12   0       0  15   13     18      11      4     17

So for the example of sports_by_sex[, 2], for example, I would like to get Field back.


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Found the solution - access the index you want on colnames():

colnames(sports_by_sex)[2], for example.


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