Suppose, I have a dataset with the following features:

(FirstName, LastName, FullName, SchoolJoiningDate, SchoolGraduationDate)

My aim is to validate the data before feeding it into the ML pipeline. Some type of relationships which can exist on the columns of this dataset are:

  • FullName = FirstName + LastName
  • SchoolGraduationDate >= SchoolJoiningDate + 10 years

Similarly, there can other columns with different data types. I understand, the correlation between two numerical columns can give a sense of how the two numerical columns are related but the limitation of using correlation is as follows:

  • Cannot help with the actual relationship between two columns (like addition, subtraction)
  • Cannot be used for other non-numerical datatypes (like text, dates)

Is there any way I can detect such relationships between two columns?


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