I give to keras an input of shape input_shape=(500,).

For some reasons, I would like to decompose the input vector into to vectors of respective shapes input_shape_1=(300,) and input_shape_2=(200,)

I want to do this within the definition of the model, using the Functional API. In a way, I would like to perform slicing on a tf.Tensor object.

Help is welcome!


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If it's just the input you like to decompose, you can preprocess the input data and use two input layers:

import tensorflow as tf

inputs_first_half = tf.keras.Input(shape=(300,))
inputs_second_half = tf.keras.Input(shape=(200,))

# do something with it
first_half = tf.keras.layers.Dense(1, activation=tf.nn.relu)(inputs_first_half)
second_half = tf.keras.layers.Dense(1, activation=tf.nn.relu)(inputs_second_half)
outputs = tf.keras.layers.Add()([first_half, second_half])

model = tf.keras.Model(inputs=[inputs_first_half,inputs_second_half],outputs=outputs)

data = np.random.randn(10,500)
out = model.predict([data[:,:300],data[:,300:]])

If you like to split after the input layer you could try reshaping and cropping, e.g,:

inputs = tf.keras.Input(shape=(500,))

# do something
intermediate = tf.keras.layers.Dense(500,activation=tf.nn.relu)(inputs)

# split vector with cropping
intermediate = tf.keras.layers.Reshape((500,1), input_shape=(500,))(intermediate)

first_half = tf.keras.layers.Cropping1D(cropping=(0,200))(intermediate)
first_half = tf.keras.layers.Reshape((300,), input_shape=(300,1))(first_half)

second_half = tf.keras.layers.Cropping1D(cropping=(300,0))(intermediate)
second_half = tf.keras.layers.Reshape((200,), input_shape=(200,1))(second_half)

# do something with decomposed vectors
first_half = tf.keras.layers.Dense(1, activation=tf.nn.relu)(first_half)
second_half = tf.keras.layers.Dense(1, activation=tf.nn.relu)(second_half)
outputs = tf.keras.layers.Add()([first_half, second_half])

model = tf.keras.Model(inputs=inputs, outputs=outputs)

data = np.random.randn(10,500)
out = model.predict(data)

The Cropping1D() function expects a three-dimensional input (batch_size, axis_to_crop, features) and only crops along the first dimension, therefore we need to add "pseudo-dimension" to our vector by reshaping it.


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