Why is the tox21 dataset loaded with predefined 12 classes when it should be binary classification, thus two classes?

Code sampled modified:

import rdkit
from torch_geometric.datasets import MoleculeNet

# Load the Tox21 dataset
data = MoleculeNet(root=".", name="Tox21")
print("Dataset type: ", type(data))
print("Dataset features: ", data.num_features)
print("Dataset target: ", data.num_classes)
print("Dataset length: ", data.len)

> Dataset type:  <class 'torch_geometric.datasets.molecule_net.MoleculeNet'>
> Dataset features:  9
> Dataset target:  12

I'm borrowing code from this post.

There are 12 assays, so one could train and test by assay, in which case we would end up with a Toxic|non-toxic (two classes) for each assay.

How do I setup the data class to work by group (e.g., by assay)?


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