I am analyzing a problem where i have 5 diseases and the measure of effectiveness of a remedy in its 7 first applications. The data is organized as an Excel spreadsheet as follows:

enter image description here

(The spreadsheet has dosage % values until 1, e.g 98, 97, 96, ..., 3, 2 ,1)

I have all these values for diseases 2,3,4 and 5. I just don't know how to deal this Dosage (%) feature since it is combining interval data (e.g. 401-500) with real values (e.g 100, 99, 98..). My task is to create a dataset based in this spreadsheet. My first guess is transform these intervalar values into real values and replicate samples, but i think there is a more clever way of dealing with it.

Thanks in advance.


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