I have audio of 3 min duration ,I have Waveform shape: (2880000,) so what should be the value for frame_length and frame_step

spectrogram = tf.signal.stft(waveform, frame_length=?, frame_step=?)

spectrogram = tf.abs(spectrogram)

On choosing frame_length=255 & frame_step=128 I get spectrogram shape as 22499,129 and when I try to visualise

def plot_spectrogram(spectrogram, ax):
  # Convert to frequencies to log scale and transpose so that the time is
  # represented in the x-axis (columns).
  log_spec = np.log(spectrogram.T)
  height = log_spec.shape[0]
  X = np.arange(2880000, step=height + 1)
  Y = range(height)
  ax.pcolormesh(X, Y, log_spec)

fig, axes = plt.subplots(2, figsize=(12, 8))
timescale = np.arange(audio.shape[0])
axes[0].plot(timescale, audio.numpy())
axes[0].set_xlim([0, 2880000])
plot_spectrogram(spectrogram.numpy(), axes[1])

I get this error Dimensions of C (129, 22499) are incompatible with X (22154) and/or Y (129); see help(pcolormesh)

So question is how to choose parameters and then visualise

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