I have downloaded .h5 files from qubvel/resnet and qubvel/efficientnet. I was trying to use some models as a backbone for my model but I'm getting the following error:

ValueError: No model found in the config file.

As explained here this is because the .h5 file contains only weights, not a model.

So those .h5 files are only weights. What's the purpose of having only weights without architecture?

I was trying to do following code:

resnet18_path_to_file = "models/resnet18.h5"
resnet18 = tf.keras.models.load_model(resnet18_path_to_file)

inputs = resnet18.input
outputs = resnet18.layers[-2].output

return tf.keras.models.Model(inputs=inputs, outputs=outputs, name="custom_resnet18")

There are several options when saving and loading a keras model, as explained at https://www.tensorflow.org/guide/keras/save_and_serialize:

  • save the whole configuration, including the architecture, weights and even the last training state
  • but also the model architecture and the weights can be saved as independent files, and that is what you might have loaded: an .h5 with only the weights, and you also need the .json with the model architecture, based on the snippet below:

-model architecture and model weights to disk as separate files, which is what it might be done by the user who trained the model:

json_config = model.to_json()
with open('model_config.json', 'w') as json_file:
# weights saving to disk

So you need to do the following:

-load the model as follows (you need the model json also):

with open('model_config.json') as json_file:
    json_config = json_file.read()
new_model = keras.models.model_from_json(json_config)

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