This is what I got so far for making an lstm ensemble with one model input for each of the lstm models and for the ensemble model and it works perfectly.

model_input = Input(shape=(50,2))
def firstmodel(model_input):
      hiddenA1 = LSTM(6, return_sequences=True)(model_input)
      hiddenA2 = LSTM(4, activation='relu')(hiddenA1)
      outputA = Dense(24)(hiddenA2)
      model = Model(inputs= model_input, outputs= outputA, name="firstmodel")
      return model
def secondmodel(model_input):
      hiddenB1 = LSTM(30, return_sequences=True)(model_input)
      hiddenB2 = LSTM(20, activation='relu')(hiddenB1)
      outputB = Dense(24)(hiddenB2)
      model = Model(inputs= model_input, outputs= outputB, name="secondmodel")
      return model
firstmodel = firstmodel(model_input)
secondmodel = secondmodel(model_input)
models = [firstmodel, secondmodel]
def ensemble(models, model_input):
      outputs = [model.outputs[0] for model in models]
      y = Average()(outputs)
      model = Model(inputs = model_input, outputs = y, name="ensemble")
      return model
ensemblemodel = (models, model_input)
def evaluate_rmse(model):
      pred = model.predict(X_test)
      rmse = np.sqrt(mean_squared_error(y_test, pred))  
      return rmse
ensemble_rmse = evaluate_rmse(ensemblemodel)

But what happens when there are two different model inputs for the first and second model:

first_model_input = Input(shape=(50,2)) second_model_input = Input(shape=(60,2))

What will be the model_input for the ensemble model then? Also what will the shape of X_test be for the ensemble model? Because when there was only one input, like the first_model_input = Input(shape=(50,2)) then the X_test.shape was (2554, 50, 2).

But now there are two inputs, so there are two X_test shapes, one for first model input which is (2554, 50, 2) and one for the second model input which is (2544, 60, 2).


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