here is what I am doing:

tweets=searchTwitter("walmart",n=3000, lang="en",since="2021-01-08",until="2021-01-10")

And this is my error message:

Warning message:
In doRppAPICall("search/tweets", n, params = params, retryOnRateLimit = retryOnRateLimit,  :
  3000 tweets were requested but the API can only return 0

Any help would be appreciated.


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See this stackoverflow answer, it seems you can request tweets older than 7 days from the official Twitter API. See also the documentation for the searchTwitter function:

Note that there are pagination restrictions as well as other limits on what can be searched, so it is always possible to not retrieve as many tweets as was requested with the n argument.

Try changing the since and until dates to something within the last 7 days to see if that does work.


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