I have unstructured text like this

From: Gujarat, IN 
To: Kerala, IN
Milk and egg, 100kg 
Please handle with care. 

(Tooth Brush and Paste)120KG in total
P/U: London, GB
Dest: QC, Canada
Keep the product away from heat
F:111-222 333

Like these, I have lakhs of samples with different products

From the above 2 samples, I want to extract the product name

From sample 1 Milk,egg from sample 2 Tooth Brush,Paste.

Things I have done so far

Based on my research it seems to be a NER problem

I worked on Custom NER using Spacy to extract the product from the samples but it is not efficient, I watched some videos related to NER and also explored similar content in stack overflow but it didn't work well for my problem.

How can I approach this problem further ?

  • $\begingroup$ What have you tried so far? Can you show us the code? $\endgroup$ – WBM Mar 19 at 12:59
  • $\begingroup$ code_where_I've_learnt_from @WBM $\endgroup$ – ConMan77 Mar 19 at 13:58

It's not a great dataset for NER because normally NER relies on trigger words close or inside the NE. For example "he went to X" would indicate that X is a location. Here there's no usable context and even the order of the lines can change.

What I would try here is to classify the lines, because apparently there's a kind of structure to each sample:

  • sender/recepient
  • email address
  • phone no
  • website
  • Instructions (e.g. "handle with care")

Once all the types of lines which are not a product are eliminated, the ones remaining are likely to describe the product.


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