I used Iris dataset for classification with 3 layer Neural Network
I decided to use :
3 neurons for input since it has 3 features,
3 neurons for output since it has 3 classes and
In the hidden layer what is the best number of neurons to do classification in this case?


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And to automate the evaluations, you can use a tool like, Keras Tuner https://keras-team.github.io/keras-tuner/

From their docs, an example setup would look like this.

The min-max value for the units is where you would tune it for your case.

from tensorflow import keras
from tensorflow.keras import layers
from kerastuner.tuners import RandomSearch

def build_model(hp):
    model = keras.Sequential()
    model.add(layers.Dense(10, activation='softmax'))
                      values=[1e-2, 1e-3, 1e-4])),
    return model

There is not a clear a answer for this question. You should try and evaluated how the models performs testing diffferents configurations. But, basically, the next two premises are followed:

  • More neurons per layer --> more complex model, and probably you will obtain better accuracy.
  • More hidden layers --> more complex model, and again, probably you will obtain better accuracy.
  • WARNING Both approaches increase the chance of overfitting by increasing the complexity of model. You need to carefully evaluate them through statistically robust model selection procedures e.g. cross-validation

Be aware that incrementing the complexity of the model will increase the computational process and , as mentioned, be careful with overfitting.

I recommend try a small number of neurons first, and then, try to increase step by step seeing if some improvement is achieved in the model.


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