I need to classify some domain specific images by analysing their color distribution. I have annotated data; this last classification step is supervised.

After some preprocessing and masking and other unrelated tasks, I extract the dominant colors in the image's ROI, by clustering the pixels values with K-means.

I end up with K clusters, their size (i.e. the number of pixels that fall into that cluster) and their centroid (A color is a 3d vector in the Lab* color space, this shouldn't really matter, it could be RGB).

Based on the total number of pixels (which varies from image to image) I convert the absolute cluster size into percentages, and the clusters are sorted by size.

For each image, I end up with features that look like this (for example, with K=3)

image1.png (class A)

Cluster number Cluster size Cluster center L* a* b*
0 81.3% 19.79 5.58 -6.14
1 14.7% 35.63 8.38 5.50
2 5% 19.84 5.73 -3.35

I don't know how to treat this data and what kind of model to use. This is because both the color center and the cluster size are a continuous value, and there are multiple clusters.

I have looked into Computing Image Similarity based on Color Distribution but I have continuous colors and not categorical colors.

I have looked into Classification based on a Clustering Result but I have K clusters per image and not just 1.


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