Trying to learn the encoder-decoder model for some NLP problems.

I am referring to this Keras tutorial.

During the model training phase, this tutorial just uses the following:

model.fit([encoder_input_data, decoder_input_data], decoder_target_data,

I understand this logic. But the confusion is in some other tutorials for EXACTLY THE SAME PROBLEM. For example, in Tensorflow's documentation for NMT with Attention the training_phase is very different where they use custom training loops with a custom train step and calling the step for every batch manually.

The question is are these 2 different training methods which should be used in particular cases OR its the same training method with 2 different forms of implementation?


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One is a straight forward use of API while the other one gives you much better control on training. If you are experimenting, it is good to go with a custom training loop so you can control the various things that happen to your model's training.

But, if you want to just train a model and not experiment with it much, save time and go for the straight forward method of training.

Both are same but one gives you much more control.


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