I have a data set where it's more or less a star schema-like format, but in an Excel file. Don't worry about primary keys setup or any of that unless it significantly matters for answering this question. Here's a sample of the kind of issue I'm facing.

How, from a table like this, would I use Tableau to search by "Cat" and "Dog" as their own fields? In the default Tableau view, they all just show up as "pet," and I can't find any way to seperate the two. I want to set up a chart with quantity of "Cat" on the X-Axis, quantity of "Dog" on the Y-Axis, and then each person graphed as a point relative to how many cats and dogs they have.

No matter what I search, all I find is information about grouping sub-categories, and I can't find anything about how to create the sub-categories in the first place if they aren't given to you. Could anyone give me a hand?

Name Pet Quantity
Sam Cat 1
Sam Dog 2
Pat Bird 3
Bert Dog 1

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