I have time-series data like this:

date longitude latitude
01/01/2010 -5.42766 107.5784
02/01/2010 -6.42728 104.5245
07/01/2010 -7.42702 105.5816
14/01/2010 -4.42728 99.57834
17/01/2010 -6.41523 103.5562
... ... ...
31/12/2013 -4.42728 99.57834

This is location data (longitude and latitude).

Some of the data is missing (ex. there is no 03/01/2010 to 06/01/2010).

I want to fill in the missing values, what is the best method to fill the missing values? Since this is location data, I don't think using the mean value is make sense to fill the missing values.

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