I want to post prune my decision tree as it is overfitting, I can do this using cost complexity pruning by adjusting ccp_alphas parameters however this does not seem very intuitive to me.

From my understanding there are some hyperparameters such as min_samples_split, max_depth, min_impurity_split, min_impurity_decrease that will prune my tree to reduce overfitting.

Since I am working with a larger dataset it takes a long time to train therefore don't want to just do trial-error.

What are some possible combinations of above mentioned hyperparameters that will prune my tree? + reasoning behind choosing particular combination will be helpful.

Thanks in advance!


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There are no combinations that work for all cases, hyperparameter tuning is still something that is mostly done by trial and error. Things like Gridsearch and Randomsearch exist though.

A good start is always the default setting. An idea if performance is an issue is to tune on a small percentage of the training set to later switch to the full set.


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