I'm working on CNN model and I used one hot vector type of labels. The number of classes is 3: [1,0,0], [0,1,0], [0,0,1].


I'm getting such an output: [0.8439, 0.1355, 0.0757], which is obviously 1st class. The question: why a sum of values in this vector exceeds 1? Also, I got earlier even one negative value of those 3. On what it is depending and how to know what these "outputs" could be.


Here it's a mistake to one-hot-encode the class, because it turns the task into multi-label classification instead of regular multi-class classification. In your task an instance can only have a single class, so the class should be encoded as an int (for example with LabelEncoder).

This is why the predicted probabilities don't sum to 1, because in multi-label classification the classes are independent of each other. For example the output [0.9,0.4,0.7] means that class 1 label is predicted true at 90% and false at 10%, class 2 label is predicted true at 40% and false at 60%, class 3 label is predicted true at 70% and false at 30%. It wouldn't make sense to pick the maximum probability of the 3 classes in this scenario.

See also this answer.


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