I am experimenting with Fluent Editor, and I have trouble expressing something. If one creates the example project IT Infrastructure Advanced, in 7_Incidents.encnl there is this statement: Power-Node-3 is-not affected by an incident., which explicitly states, that something is not affected, and anything inferred for the power nodes (and thus all other entities) is based on the existence of this statement. This is bad, as incidents can affect things at multiple levels, and if there is a need to explicitly put a statement about every asset that is not affected makes everything quite useless.

Is there any way in FE to make inferre something from a node based on having zero relations to an other node class? Like: Every-single-thing that is a power-node and is not affected by something (that is an incident that has-status Open) has-status Operable.. Unfortunatelly this statement is syntax error - with is-not is not a syntax error, but still does not work as expected.


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