I want to run a model for multiclassification problem and I am only interested in the top x% results (recommendation model). I think using the ndcg@1000 evaluation metric is the best for this purpose, however it is not working for multiclass problem on its own. I have 3 classes and I have a most important one. The three classes are: 0: the user is neutral to the product 1: the user is totally against the product 2: the user is likely to buy the product

I am curious about the class 2 so the 0, 1 classes could be grouped. Do you have any idea how I could tackle it? Thank you very much!

clf_xgb_out_of_sample = xgb.XGBClassifier(objective = "multi:softmax",
                            num_class = 3,
                           seed = 42,
                           max_depth = 8,
                            learning_rate = 0.08,
                            gamma = 0.25,
                            colsample_bytree = 0.8,
                            use_label_encoder = False)
            sample_weight = weights,
           verbose = True,
           early_stopping_rounds = 10,
            eval_metric = 'ndcg@1000',
           eval_set = [(X_test, y_test['Score'])])

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