Do you know why my custom_eval_metric doesn't work? I get the error:

XGBoostError: [07:56:32] C:\Users\Administrator\workspace\xgboost-win64_release_1.4.0\src\metric\metric.cc:49: Unknown metric function custom_eval_metric
def custom_eval_metric(preds, dtrain):
    labels = dtrain.get_label()
    preds = preds.reshape(-1, 3)
    preds_binary = []
    for element in range(0,len(preds)):
        tmp = []
        tmp = preds[element][2]
    labels_adj = [0 if x == 1 else x for x in labels]
    labels_adj = [1 if x == 2 else x for x in labels_adj]
    preds_binary = np.asarray([preds_binary])
    labels_adj = np.asarray([labels_adj])
    return 'ndcg score', metrics.ndcg_score(new_items, preds)
clf_xgb_out_of_sample = xgb.XGBClassifier(objective = "multi:softmax",
                           seed = 42,
                           max_depth = 8,
                            learning_rate = 0.1,
                            gamma = 0.25,
                            colsample_bytree = 0.8,
           verbose = True,
           early_stopping_rounds = 10,
           eval_set = [(X_test, y_test['Target'])])

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From the documentation:

If a str, should be a built-in evaluation metric to use. See doc/parameter.rst.


If callable, a custom evaluation metric. The call signature is func(y_predicted, y_true) where y_true will be a DMatrix object such that you may need to call the get_label method. It must return a str, value pair where the str is a name for the evaluation and value is the value of the evaluation function. The callable custom objective is always minimized.

So you need to pass the function itself instead of a string of the function name


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