I have a Line chart with multiple traces. When I hover over a tooltip, it shows every trace in the tooltip, not just the one I am hovering over. I have so many traces that the one I am hovering over is not even displayed in the tooltip since it's cutoff.

How can I tell what trace I am hovering over?


  • Date is 'Axis'
  • Each trace (what I'm trying to find) is 'Legend'
  • Amount is 'Values'
  • Sorted by 'Date' enter image description here PowerBI

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OK, I found a roundabout way.

  1. Click a trace, which leaves a point on the trace.
  2. Right-click the point, in dropdown menu, press Include.
  3. Then, only that trace will show, over which you can Hover and see the Trace's tooltip.

I previously had no other way to figure out what specific Traces I was looking at. If anyone has a faster way, I'll mark yours as the answer if I'm still using this site by then. enter image description here


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