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Public dataset for account to account payments

I'm looking for a dataset which contains account to account payments (bank transfers). Ideally, this dataset would contain labeled data for transactions or accounts known to be victims of phishing ...
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Loading collections of datasets - Python code examples

Sometimes you might want to check your ideas on multiple datasets. There are several places with datasets collections. Question: Please share some Python scripts how to download multiple datasets from ...
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Log analysis dataset with labeled cybersecurity issues

I am seeking to find a dataset with log files that have labeled cybersecurity issues. As I am trying to build a cybersecurity log analysis model there is no preference on the type of the log, but ...
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Publicly available news APIs/datasets?

In addition to our list of publicly available datasets, I'd like to know if there is any list of publicly available news datasets/crawling APIs. It would be very nice if alongside with a link to the ...
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Is there a dataset with news articles and their headlines? [closed]

I need a set of news headlines and articles to help me in a project on automatic summarization. Is there such a dataset or something similar?
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How to get Big Data Sets?

It sounds like dump question but as a beginner, I'm really getting confuse. For my academic thesis, I choose a conference paper on Big Data in Healthcare field. Now, problem is to get the Data sets. I ...
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multi channel feature classification using deep feed forward neural network on tensorflow [closed]

Can any one suggest a dataset that contains multi channel/multi dimensional feature values that can be classified using a deep feed forward neural network? Please ask me if the question is not clear ...
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how to generate sample dataset for classification problem

I am a newbie to data science. I have a 'short text' categorization problem where input variables are either unstructured texts (names, definition, description etc) or categorical. There is not much ...
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Data available from industry operations

I'm going to start my degree thesis and I want to do a fault detector system using machine learning techniques. I need datasets for my thesis but I don't know where I can get that data. I'm looking ...
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Publicly available social network datasets/APIs

As an extension to our great list of publicly available datasets, I'd like to know if there is any list of publicly available social network datasets/crawling APIs. It would be very nice if alongside ...
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Data Science oriented dataset/research question for Statistics MSc thesis

I'd like to explore 'data science'. The term seems a little vague to me, but I expect it to require: machine learning (rather than traditional statistics); a large enough dataset that you have to run ...
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