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.NET is a very popular Object Oriented Programming Language Family which includes members such as C# (pronounced CSharp), VB.NET, F# (pronounced FSharp), J# (pronounced JSharp) and much more. The .NET Family offers programming with small effort with well-known high speed of compiled languages such as C and C++ This Tag aims to group Data Science Questions and Answers which users want to operate their processes under .NET Programming Language Family

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ML recommendation techniques where all users are not in training set

I have a list of orders, which contains a list of items. I need to use machine learning to suggest other items to customers based purely on their basket at the time of checkout, considering the ...
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Use ML.NET trained model in Python

How would i use a ML.NET trained (with VS ML Model Builder) model in Python? It's a .zip file btw. ZIP file structure: ...
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Keras.NET how can i specify the python interpreter used

I'm trying to use Keras.NET to implement predictions of a keras model in a WPF application. The model itself was trained with keras in a python environement on another maching. However to write a nice ...
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Pattern recogniser library for C# programs

I'm a regular user of the StackOverflow forum, but as this question is about a recommendation for libraries, which is supported at StackOverflow, and as my question is about data science libraries, I'...
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Call keras model in a C# desktop Application

I have a keras model for image classification saved in a .h5 file or Json file, and then I created a C# desktop app ( in visual studio 2019) which contains two buttons one to load an image and an ...
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Will images modification get me a better machine learning model?

Will images modification get me a better machine learning model? I have the following scenario. Camera is fixed and does photos of a process. The process has a few states. Now I want to train a model ...
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auto updating text comparison model

I have a need to create a model that compares and groups distinct snippets of text based on keywords. I can extract similar keywords with NLP methods and simply comparing sentence text. I want these ...
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To create a pre-trained model for C#

I created a model with machine learning. Using the library Accord.NET. I would like to keep the pre-trained model in a file (not in the RAM memory) how this is ...
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Finding relationships in datasets and predicting data

I'm a .NET developer trying to learn more about AI/Machine Learning. I have a dataset with few variables and known results. I'm looking for a language/framework/tool/approach to analyze the data and ...
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Natural Language Processing (NLP) in .net environment

I'm developing a project on .net (using web API and MVC). now I have to add another module which users can make queries of Data we have in the DB and retrieve the relevant answer. Is their a easy way ...
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I have 11 years experience on .net, should i learn data science? [closed]

I have 11 years experience on .net, should i learn data science? I have 11 years experience on .net and getting paid rs 14L in india noida, Should my experience get consider in Data Science and get ...
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regression to model exponential distribution

I have a work order system. I found out that the work order completion times are exponentially distributed. Every ticket has some features. I understand that regression is "a line that best fits the ...
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What is the most efficient data indexing technique

As we all know, there are some data indexing techniques, using by well-known indexing apps, like Lucene (for java) or Lucene.NET (for .NET), MurMurHash, B+Tree etc. For a No-Sql / Object Oriented ...
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