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Train-test split strategies in sensor time series

i'd like to train a supervised machine learning algorithm on my sensor data (Accelerometer XYZ). I've already segmented the data with a sliding window approach (1s window_size, 50% overlap) and ...
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How to train model with data received from different 3x accelerometers sensors?

I want to make a model based on accelerometer data to recognise different activities like running, walking etc. I have a small dataset collected from my target sensor. I found another dataset with ...
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Modeling Individual Device Demand in a Domestic Electrical Installation using Machine Learning

I'm working on a machine learning project aimed at classifying electrical loads detected in a domestic electrical installation by a current transformer (CT) during daily activities. The challenge lies ...
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Division of data into training and validation sets

I have a multi-sensory dateset for the activities of daily living. It contains data from 10 volunteers each performing 9 activities. Each volunteer wears 6 sensors on their body with the recorded data ...
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Detecting punch type using CoreML Activity classifier

I’m trying to train an activity classifier (made by Apple) to detect with kind of punch is thrown during boxing training. Accelerations are taken directly from an Arduino Nano 33 using Bluetooth low ...
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Where should we release our video dataset for activity recognition?

We have an activity recognition dataset made of tens of thousands video clips. Which are the alternatives to release it to the research community? Is there any public website? I saw for instance ...
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Action Recognition for multiple objects and localization

I want to ask questions regarding the action detection on the video with proposed frames. I've used Temporal 3D ConvNet for the action recognition on video. Successfully trained it and can recognize ...
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Activity recognition with binary sensors

I have a bunch of streams coming from a set of 28 binary sensors around a SmartHome like this: Where: OBJECT: indicates the name of a binary sensor STATE: is obviously the state of the sensor at ...
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