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An open-source NLP research library, built on PyTorch

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how to improve my imbalanced data NLP model?

I want to classify a patient's health as a prediction probability and get the top 10 most ill patients in a hospital. I have patient's condition notes, medical notes, diagnoses notes, and lab notes ...
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How to build vocabulary file for NLP embeddings efficiently?

I am currently building various word embeddings for my NLP project, ranging from Word2Vec, ELMo, LINE etc. I am looking to train ELMo using AllenNLP, a Python package for NLP, using the tutorial here. ...
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AllenNLP installation issue - No matching distribution found for torchvision<0.9.0,>=0.8.1

As per demos, we are expected to install AllenNLP using following command: pip install allennlp==2.1.0 allennlp-models==2.1.0 But it always throws error: ...
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How does the character convolution work in ELMo?

When I read the original ELMo paper (, I'm stumped by the following line: The context insensitive type representation uses 2048 character n-gram convolutional ...
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SpaCy vs AllenNLP?

I have used a little of both spaCy and allenNLP in my NLP projects. I like them both as they work very well with PyTorch (my DL framework choice!). But, I still cannot decide which one to master in a ...
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NLP approaches to infer Processes from Text

I would like to use NLP techniques to infer a process out of raw text. For example, if I have a sentence like: Recruitment is about attracting and selecting the right person for the job. To get the ...
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How to use regularizer in AllenNLP?

Apology if this sounds a bit lame. I am trying to use Allennlp for my NLP tasks and would like to use regularization to reduce overfitting. However from all the online tutorials, all the regularizers ...