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Colab file errors

and thank you to whoever answers this. I'm pretty new to data science and machine learning, and I've been trying to immerse myself in it. I feel like there's so much to learn. One of the things that's ...
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To Become a Data Analyst?

currently I am in year4 and also working as a product owner who would want to shift the occupation path to data analyst in banking, but the problem is I don't know where to start. May I have some ...
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Dropping duplicated when visualising different granularity in the same df

I have a dataset about a bunch of users and their comment on Instagram, each row is a comment. Some of the columns of this table are related to the users and some of them have multiple comments. I'm ...
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Beginner data scientist looking for help. (apologies for the vagueness ) [closed]

I am analyzing airbnb data to understand which variable is most correlated and in doing so build a model. Upon tackling qualitative variables I decided to use dummies to assign quantitative values to ...
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