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How to evaluate k-anonymity for a dataset which is only a sample/subset

I work with a trajectory dataset which holds records from people using a certain ticketing app (for public transportation). The trajectory describes the route (i.e. an array of stations) of buses, ...
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Where can I find papers on anonymizing time series data?

Specifically, we have data sources d1, d2, d3 and data sink s1, s2. d1 might send output 500 to s1, then after a random interval 1000 to s2, etc d2 might send output 25 to s2, then 100 to s2, d3 ...
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How can I ensure anonymity with queries to small datasets?

I'm building a service that will contain personal data relating to real people. Initially the dataset will be quite small, and as such it may be possible to identify individuals if the search ...
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Evaluation of the preprocessing to make a dataset anonymous

I have a very huge dataset from the NLP area and I want to make it anonymous. Is there any way to check if my pre-processing is correct? Generaly, is there any way to evaluate how good is the pre-...
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Data Anonymization for all domains?

I am using a dataset from Marketing and sales department. The dataset contains customer name (company name), company address, pincode, no of orders placed, revenue generated from that customer etc. My ...
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How do you choose an appropriate $k$ to achieve $k$-anonymity for data?

How do you choose an appropriate $k$ to achieve $k$-anonymity for a data? What methods exist that are agnostic to the business context for the problem?
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How to identify a field as holding personal identifiable information from the name of the field itself using ML model in python?

Is it possible to automatically detect fields holding personal information (name, phone, address, SSN, passport, gov ID...) from its names, using python in order to upload datasets into the cloud ...
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Does data anonymization conflict with GDPR rules?

There are GDPR articles that relate to a person's ownership of their data e.g., Art. 17 GDPR Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’) and Art. 20 GDPR Right to data portability. In case one would ...
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How to write custom de-identification algorithm in Python?

I have tried a simple algorithm to anonymize my data using the de-identification technique. But the code doesn't work for me. I want to anonymize the data by slightly changing the values. The data ...
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Data anonymization in Python

I am working on an industrial project which consists of real data. Now, the data contains sensitive information about company operations which could not be disclosed publically. As a result, I need to ...
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How to protect data from internal data scientists?

In our company we want to protect data privacy internally. Meaning, we want to find a way to anonymize the data so the data science team members cannot expose it and yet still can use it for modelling....
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How to release datasets with fingerprinting

I intend on monetising some large datasets. These datasets are anonymised and released to (paying) clients via a web api. Are there any standard algorithms such that if the datasets are intentionally ...
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How do we make data Obfuscate or "De-identificate" to make it anonymous and share it publicly?

Right now, I am working on preparing a small dataset for release to the public by getting rid of sensitive information. While working on it, I wondered... what are the best practices of dealing ...
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Anonymizing data

In it mentions that Please note: This sample does not include any real Santander Spain customers, and thus it is not representative ...
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Name Anonymization Software

Although I have seen a few good questions asked about data anonymization, I was wondering if there were answers to this more specific variant. I am seeking a tool (or to design one) that will ...
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How can I transform names in a confidential data set to make it anonymous, but preserve some of the characteristics of the names?

Motivation I work with datasets that contain personally identifiable information (PII) and sometimes need to share part of a dataset with third parties, in a way that doesn't expose PII and subject ...
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