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Hadoop is an Apache open-source project that provides software for reliable and scalable distributed computing. The project itself includes a variety of other complementary additions.

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What are R's memory constraints?

In reviewing “Applied Predictive Modeling" a reviewer states: One critique I have of statistical learning (SL) pedagogy is the absence of computation performance considerations in the evaluation ...
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Data science and MapReduce programming model of Hadoop

What are the different classes of data science problems that can be solved using mapreduce programming model?
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Pig script code error?

While running the below pig script I am getting an error in line4: If it is GROUP then I am getting error. If I change from 'GROUP' TO 'group' in line4, then the script is running. What is the ...
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Extract company names/job titles from free text

I have a complete Hadoop platform with HDFS, MR, Hive, PIG, Hbase, etc., Python, R, Java. All data sets have a large size. The data set A, describing the jobs of people working in a company, is ...
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