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Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform designed to store and process high-throughput data streams.

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understanding how apache spark functionality overlaps with other popular sql query engine and big data frameworks

i m really interested in seeing how functionality of diff big data tools overlaps between apache spark, apache drill, cloudera impala, trino, presto db. i m confused about the difference btw"...
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Migrating legacy data in Kafka to use a schema registry to support a streaming data pipeline

(If this is not the correct Stack site for this question, please let me know - it seemed the best fit) We currently have a 'legacy' system whose output are events coming in from a distributed ...
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Contunious model update

Hello I have a trained model on credit card fraud detection, however I want to find a solution so I can update the model parameters with new input records to simulate the pattern changes, is there any ...
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What is the difference between Kafka Channel and Kafka Broker?

I am a beginner in Apache Kafka. I am reading now some architecture documents and I find in a diagram 2 components: Kafka Channel Kafka Broker What is the difference between these 2 components?
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Does Apche Kafka support sockets-based communication?

Does Apche Kafka support sockets-based communication? Example: After running both Kafka producer and consumer.if I send a message through putty(TCP/IP client), will the consumer receive it or not?
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Simple Explanation of Apache Kafka [closed]

Can anybody explain Apache Kafka for me in a plain language? I'd appreciate an explanation with a practical example instead of abstract theoretical definitions, then I can understand better. What is ...
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