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ValueError: Failed to convert a NumPy array to a Tensor (Unsupported object type int) in Python - from_gerator fails

I know this question has answers, but they are not working. why this fails ? (and why tensorflow has troubles in reading numpy!!) ...
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Is it possible to access "Data Science" on Stack Exchange using an API?

I am a programmer with C and Python knowledge. I am trying to "educate" or train my Chatbot with name "Stella" in "Science and Technology History" and related areas, ...
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Alternatives to twitter for large daily or weekly samples for sentiment analysis

Twitter, with their API, including the free tier, has been a go-to source for collecting large samples of texts expressing sentiment on various topics of interest. I just started a project in December ...
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Creating API For Accessing New Website

Is there a way to add a API in Orange Data Mining Tool to access a new website? An example would be can I create and add an API for CNN or MSNBC or FOXNEWS? Currently in Orange in the text mining add-...
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How to wrap local data reading with an API or custom file format?

Specific problem: people have saved CSV files over the last few years on a network drive. Over time, some columns have been added/modifed and some meaning of the values have changed slightly (e.g. ...
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How do machine learning applications communicate with one another?

My understanding is that if a company creates a machine learning application, they use an API to ensure that applications talk to one another, which is what I found in my initial research (https://www....
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Importing data directly into excel sheet, from data accessed through Material Project opensource API's

I had a general doubt. If I want to extract some data, say the information regarding a particular chemical using API of material projects(a site that has open-source info on, say elements) available ...
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I keep getting an error message in R while using twitteR

here is what I am doing: tweets=searchTwitter("walmart",n=3000, lang="en",since="2021-01-08",until="2021-01-10") And this ...
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