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Creating a data visualisation using matplotlib and unsupervised learning

I have to write a python code on a kmeans algorithm and heres the requirements. You should submit a single file (not zipped) named containing a function with signature: def ...
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How to download and fine tune a large language model locally?

I want to fine tune a model locally, not using HuggingFace or any other third party tool. Basically, I want: Download a trained model (Llama-2, Falcon, whatever is easiest). Fine-tune it locally with ...
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Why are low probabilities problematic for knowledge destilation?

Recently, I have been reading the Knowledge Distillation paper (Distilling the Knowledge in a Neural Network) and I have two main questions: Neural networks typically produce class probabilities by ...
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XAI model to evaluate MLP

I need to build a XAI model and I don't know where to begin. I have seen different algorithms but can't think of how to create a model with them.Could anyone help me?
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Solve tough clustering problem with overlapping clusters

I'm having some trouble to solve a hard clustering problem. I have a 2D dataset characterized by non spherical and partially overlaping clusters with different densities. I've read a lot about ...
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Swin Transformer Relative Position Biases

I was reading the swin transformer paper and looking at the github implementation, i noticed that when calculating the relative position bias the input to the log function before the CPB MLP is scaled ...
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What distribution-shift datasets exist for ML?

What datasets there are which contain a (labelled) distribution shift or which distribution-shifted datasets share classes? Currently I have found some interesting results using CIFAR10 and the ...
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Can I run falcon-7b on a free google colab?

I'm a beginner at ML and AI. Background: I wanted to try out falcon-7b, the example I'm trying out: (Falcon-...
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Where can I find the applied data science research papers?

I'm trying to find conferences that have applied data science papers published. I'm only interested in top ranked conferences. And I notice quite a number of them are quite theoretical, e.g. IJAI, ...
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