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Swin Transformer Relative Position Biases

I was reading the swin transformer paper and looking at the github implementation, i noticed that when calculating the relative position bias the input to the log function before the CPB MLP is scaled ...
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How to measure correctness of an area

Given a 2D image of a puppy, the algorithm identifies which pixels are the puppy. In other words the silhouette of the puppy. I want to measure the correctness by comparing against a known-good ...
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Generation time in stable cascade vs stable diffusion

According to the docs, Stable Cascade is meant to be faster than SD due to its architecture. However, when trying out using Python on my local machine, the results seem to be opposite. I am using a ...
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Create model for manufacturing defect detection using python

Has anyone done some work on manufacturer defect detection? I need some input on this. I have done some research and found some examples like TensorFlow/Keras and CNN, but I need some real-time ...
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Improving performance of anomaly detection using dataset?

I am leveraging an isolation forest model from the scikit-learn library for anomaly detection in a time series dataset where each point in the dataset is a data frame. However, I possess additional ...
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Why are low probabilities problematic for knowledge destilation?

Recently, I have been reading the Knowledge Distillation paper (Distilling the Knowledge in a Neural Network) and I have two main questions: Neural networks typically produce class probabilities by ...
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XAI model to evaluate MLP

I need to build a XAI model and I don't know where to begin. I have seen different algorithms but can't think of how to create a model with them.Could anyone help me?
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What distribution-shift datasets exist for ML?

What datasets there are which contain a (labelled) distribution shift or which distribution-shifted datasets share classes? Currently I have found some interesting results using CIFAR10 and the ...
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