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Is this how you would go about this NLP Project?

What do you think of these steps? And where can I find help with this project? I am in a business class and was assigned a data science problem. I was advised to seek out a coder at my school who can ...
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Automate naming of scanned documents

(If this is not the right forum for this, I apologize) I'm trying to write a program that can automatically name scanned PDF files depending on what text they contain on their first page. I have ~10,...
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Are there tools that would run many machine learning fits without much setup?

Are there tools that would run many machine learning fits without much setup? Such tool could be useful for discovering what kind of model could be the best fit, without trying each of them manually.
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Automate detection of overfitting models based on autoML libraries

I'm trying to use machine learning to impute missing data in series using some auto-ML libraries in python (so far : dabl, FLAML, auto-sklearn and AutoKeras). I know the way to detect overfitting in a ...
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Automation of finding a starting point of measurement in a large dataset

I am looking for a way to automatically find a starting point of rising in my signal in Python. The data are collected with the frequency 10k (0.0001 s each) so the differences between each point are ...
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Data Science Pipelines vs Common CD/CL

What is the advantage of Data Science Specific CI/CD (kubeflow, Algo, TFX, mlflow, sagemaker pipelines) vs the already baked flavors that are more generic: Jenkins, Bamboo, Airflow, Google Cloud Build,...
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Auto-scheduling with Machine Learning

I am very new to Data Science, but I have an use case which I want to solve. I want to build a data synchronization scheduler which keeps track of the amount of data sync after every scheduled ...
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Automated bug finder through machine learning?

Assume that I have a large software application, this application is event driven i.e. when a user configures something by pressing on a button a code flow executes. Along with this application I ...
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Tool for test/train automation

I need to test different datasets as well as different algorithm implementations. The current workflow looks like: Perform feature extraction from train set Train classifier on this features Feed ...
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Are there any frameworks available that allow for automated large scale supervised machine learning?

The typical steps for solving a machine learning/pattern recognition problem: Data Analysis and splitting the data into test and train sets. Choosing a model. Training the model, and testing the ...
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