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Hugging face Model Output 'last_hidden_state'

I am using the Huggingface BERTModel, The model gives Seq2SeqModelOutput as output. The output contains the past hidden states and the last hidden state. These are my questions What is the use of the ...
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how to convert pandas plot to OO Matplotlib bar chart

I am trying to convert pandas dataframe bar plot to matplotlib OO concept. ...
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dealing with HuggingFace's model's tokens

I have a few questions regarding tokenizing word/characters/emojis for different huggingface models. From my understanding, a model would only perform best during inference if the token of the input ...
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Huggingface Library - Multi-document summarization

Can BART, PEGASUS ... etc. API in huggingface library be used to directly perform multi document summarization? (e.g. here:
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Question of pretraining text-generation task, it seems that pretraining is not work for a small model?

My task is to generate keywords from sentences. I pretrain a text-generation model. I mask the sentences' tokens and predict the whole sentences' tokens. Pretraining batch_size = 8 and step = 1000000 ...
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