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Updating Model Parameter in Domain Adaptation with Additional Features

I have developed a model where the parameter is initially calibrated using common features (X1, X2, X3) from both source and target domains. Now, I want to incorporate additional specific features (X4 ...
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Understanding the uncertainty in gaussian processes

Consider the following image: which is an fitted GP. Note how $0 <= x <= 2$ yield a much higher uncertainty than e.g $5 <= x <= 8$. Thus gps are good when dealing with the exploration vs ...
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On the time complexity of Bayesian linear regression and Gaussian process

By drawing analogy, I believe that Bayesian linear regression has a time complexity same to standard linear regression $𝑂(𝑛𝑝^2+𝑝^3)$ which is dominated by the number of features $p$ (What is the ...
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How does bayesian optimization with gaussian processes work?

Could someone explain in simple words what are gaussian processes how does bayesian optimization work and their combination?
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What Clustering Method Should I Use?

My data is a group of 10 thousand points (each having an node location (x,y)) that are spread across a plane. They are also chromatically-colored based on their weight. I need to finalize a bayesian ...
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Why Maximum Likelihood Estimation for normal distribution?

Since we can compute the mean and the standard deviation of a set of random variables, why do we use Maximum Likelihood Estimation to estimate these parameters?
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Good introductory reference for Bayesian Non-parametric (Dirichlet Process / Chinese Restaurant Process)

I am looking for a recommendation for basic introductory material on Bayesian Non-parametric methods, specifically Dirichlet Process / Chinese Restaurant Process. I am looking for material which ...
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