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BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers and is designed to pre-train deep bidirectional representations by jointly conditioning on both left and right context in all layers

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BERT has a non deterministic behaviour

I am using the BERT implementation in for feature extracting and I have noticed a weird behaviour which I was not expecting: if I execute the program twice on ...
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How is WordPiece tokenization helpful to effectively deal with rare words problem in NLP?

I have seen that NLP models such as BERT utilize WordPiece for tokenization. In WordPiece, we split the tokens like playing to play and ##ing. It is mentioned that it covers a wider spectrum of Out-Of-...
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Paragraph Generator using BERT or GPT

I am trying to generate similar sentences, called paragraph generation. For example, what is the name of the eldest brother of ram? - For these paragraphs can be - who is the oldest brother of ram? , ...
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Incrementally Train BERT with minimum QnA records - to get improved results

We are using Google BERT for Question and Answering. We have fine tuned BERT with SQUAD QnA release train data set ( ,
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How Transformer is Bidirectional - Machine Learning

Asking question in datascience forum, as this forum seems well suited for data science related questions:
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Bert Fine Tuning with additional features

I want to use Bert for an nlp task. But I also have additional features that I would like to include. From what I have seen, with fine tuning, one only changes the labels and retrains the ...
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Can BERT do the next-word-predict task?

As BERT is bidirectional (uses bi-directional transformer), is it possible to use it for the next-word-predict task? If yes, what needs to be tweaked?
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