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What are best practices for MLOps?

What are the best practices or design patterns for structuring data science projects and MLOps architecture in small teams? 1. Context and Background: I work in a small data science team (<5). We ...
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Data Science Project Data Workflow Structure

I'm in the middle of a project of marketing regarding the sales prediction with promotions. The client has very complex business processes and so the data needs a lot of preprocessing (joins, filters, ...'s user avatar
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Best way to store "small" data

I have a small dataset consisting of around 200 measurements of different light sources. The light is measured with a broadband and an IR diode, and the resulting voltage is sampled it with 4 ...
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A good way to organize/store a lot of datasets

In machine translation, we often have bilingual dataset, e.g. for German-English and French-English we will have something that looks like this: ...
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