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1 answer

Effect of feature selection when coupled with XGB models

I ran Boruta feature selection prior to XGB training\testing step and didn't see any difference, although ~30/200 features were rejected prior to going into the training. Can it be that internal ...
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BorutaShap implementation

I want to use BorutaShap for feature selection in my model. I have my train_x as an numpy.ndarray and I want to pass it to the ...
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1 answer

Trouble performing feature selection using boruta and support vector regression

I was trying to select the most important features of a data set using Boruta in python. I have split the data into training and test set. Then I used SVM regressor to fit the data. Then I used Boruta ...
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From logistic regression to XGBoost - selecting features to run the model with

I have been asked to look at XGBoost (as implemented in R, and with a maximum of around 50 features) as an alternative to an already existing but not developed by me logistic regression model created ...
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The Merits of Feature Reduction Routines

I am interested in learning what routine others use (if any) for Feature Reduction/Selection. For example, If my data has several thousand features, I typically try {2,3,4} things right away depending ...
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