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I wrote a classifier in C++ but it doesn't learn and returns the same loss each epoch

I wrote a classifier in C++ and tried training it on MNIST set but it doesn't learn. Because I am using log loss, it returns a loss of -ln(1/10) basically random chance. I tried tinkering with my ...
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XGBoost learning rate "rescaling according to size of trees". Explanation

I'm trying to understand the impact of the learning rate parameter in XGBoost. I started inspecting the source code. In this file, I found the following lines ...
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Newly discovered learning rule

Does anyone know how this algorithm performs the learning process for neural networks? I've stumbled over this solution. It works, but I don't know how and why. It's neuron-local and works without ...
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Can I train a model directly at onnx?

I'm trying to make an unreal engine game and I recently discovered that I can use onnx as my training framework, so I can load models at c++. I pretend to make reinforcement learning agents for my ...
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find speedup for different number of processes

I am new to data science I need to create code to find speedup compared with the number of processes while using a k-nearest neighbor. which (k=1,2,3,4,5,6,7). this process should be after downloading ...
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Training network 10 time slower on 16core vs 8core C++ API

Pytorch seems to run 10 times slower on a 16 core machine vs 8 core machine. Any thoughts on why that is and what/if any thing I can do to speed up the 16 core machine? Thank you Below is a list of ...
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When would C become nescessary to do an analysis or manage data?

I use python in my day to day work as a research scientist and I am interested in learning C. When would a situation arise where python would prove insufficient to manipulate data?
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Triplet optimization producing a weird diagonal line?

I'm pretty sure this is the right forum for this, or let me know otherwise, I'll happily move this to a better place. I have a strange problem. I've written an algorithm designed to take three files ...
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How do I disable libtorch warning

Recently I deployed a program using libtorch (PyTorch C++ API). The program run as expected but its gives me a warning. ...
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Importing TensorFlow trained model in OpenCV

I want to import a TensorFlow pretrained model in OpenCV dnn C++ module. How can this be done? Are there any examples available?
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I Can't find my RMSProp implementation bug?

I'm trying to implement RMSProp in my own Neural Network library so I can undertand the 'under-the-hood' operations, but this specific implementation is not working / converging, and I can't figure ...
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