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Best linear algebra library for C++?

I have been trying to find the substitute of numpy and perform some linear algebra using C++. Here's a list of the libraries I have encountered: Eigen Armadillo Dlib GNU Scientific library Please ...
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Can Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) be represented by a Mathematical formula?

Let's say that I already trained my CNN. Is there anyway of my ouput to be represented as a formula just like a perceptron can (x1w1 + x2w2 + ... = PREDICTION). It does not matter if the formula is ...
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Loading file into and out of HDFS via system call/cmd line vs using libhdfs

I am trying to implement a simple C/C++ program for the HDFS file system like word count, it takes a file from the input path puts it into HDFS (where it gets split), processed my map-reduce function ...
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Minmaxscaler in C

I want to use minmaxscaler in C. Is there any lite packages or libs for C? Or if any suggestion on how I can implement the minmaxscaler in C?
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